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Legal Disclaimer

Klöber GmbH has created this web site. Registered office: Klöber GmbH, Scharpenberger Straße 72-90, 58256 Ennepetal. Klöber GmbH is the owner of this web site and its contents, which were developed by Klöber GmbH. It may only be used in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Use below. By using this web site, you declare that you accept these Terms and Conditions.


1. Copyright

All rights to this web site and its contents belong to Klöber GmbH or third parties. You may view this web site for your own personal, non-commercial use and use the ordering functions provided by Klöber GmbH. Any other use beyond viewing, downloading and printing extracts of the web site for personal, non-commercial purposes is prohibited. Brands, including logos, slogans and product names are registered or non-registered trademarks either belonging to Klöber GmbH or used by Klöber GmbH under licence. No licences of any type will be granted.

2. Reproductions

Reproduction of this web site or parts thereof is permitted only for personal, non-commercial purposes providing Klöber GmbH is indicated as the source. Therefore any reproduction, either in printed form, digital form or any other form must be marked as: "Source:" and "© Klöber GmbH "

3. Links

You are not permitted to make changes to this web site and/or its content, in particular by creating a frame, a link or any other association, without the express written consent of Klöber GmbH. Any links existing on this web site have been set up purely for your convenience. Please note that when using these links you leave the web site of Klöber GmbH. Consequently Klöber GmbH has no influence on the content of the web sites accessed via the links and accepts no liability for damage resulting from accessing and viewing these web sites or by downloading or otherwise using the content. If links from a third party web site lead to the web site of Klöber GmbH, this does not mean that Klöber GmbH agrees with or is responsible for the content of such web sites.

4. Completeness

Klöber GmbH takes the utmost care to ensure that the information contained in the web site is accurate, complete and up-to-date. Nevertheless, Klöber GmbH recommends you check the accuracy of the information before using it. Our specialist advisers in our sales and technical departments are happy to help. Klöber GmbH accepts no liability for the content of this web site, or for damage resulting from viewing, downloading or using this web site, in particular, hypertext links on our site may lead users to information contained on other servers, over which Klöber GmbH has no control. Klöber GmbH may not be held liable for any errors, omissions or outcomes that may result from using this information. The Klöber GmbH website can be modified without prior notice.

5. Jurisdiction

The law of the United Kingdom shall apply in the event of disputes arising from the use of this web site and/or its functions.

6. Storage of personal data

Klöber GmbH is committed to protecting your privacy. If you wish to register for certain services on the website, you may need to provide the personal details requested. Klöber GmbH may store this data for the purpose of sending you product information and news from the roofing market, or for the purpose of administrating promotions and/or competitions, in particular by e-mail.

Klöber GmbH will never share a user's personal data with any third party, unless the user specifically requests this. Klöber GmbH will keep this data confidential and only disclose it to third parties if it is absolutely necessary for the aforementioned purposes.

Your personal data is held on secure computer and manual files, and shall not be processed for any other purposes. You have the right to access, correct, update, or delete your data. If you wish to rectify or delete certain data, please click here to send your request.

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