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Wallint® T2 / Wallint® T2 SK²

Wallint® T2 SK² Wallint® T2 roll
  • Specially suitable for refurbishment measures
  • Highly resistant to ageing
  • Can be used as temporary roofing
  • Resistant to driving rain
  • Special coating offering very good protection in combination with rough surfaces (e.g. timber boarded roofs)

The vapour barrier for refurbishment measures and over rafter insulation

Wallint® T2 is a 3-layer air- and vapour barrier helping to improve the interior climate, especially for refurbishment measures. The special coating on the upper side protects the membrane during installation against strong rain and pressure (e.g. when stepping on it). Wallint® T2 SK² has a double integral tape at the laps. This creates a very effective and secure airtight seal, reducing energy loss.

Ветронепроницаемые пленки / пленки с ограниченной паропроницаемостью для кровельной изоляции и санации крыш

Верхняя и нижняя стороны пленок „Wallint® T2“ оснащены специальным защитным флизелином от повреждений, поэтому пленка очень хорошо защищена от возможных повреждений при использовании на сплошном настиле и при проведении монтажных работ.

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