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Prismax® universal skylight

Prismax® Universal Skylight installed Prismax® Universal Skylight window
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Universal application for concrete and clay tiles, suitable for most roof tile profiles (without need for cutting tiles); can be used with plain tiles
  • Provides daylight into the loft for all cold pitched roofs
  • Can be used for trickle ventilation
  • Window opens outwards – either top hung, or to left or right
  • Polycarbonate dome is made to withstand impact and thereby resist break-ins
  • When fully opened, it can be used to gain access to the roof for maintenance

Prismax® Universal Skylight

The Prismax® Universal Skylight is an economical solution for pitched roofs, providing a permanent window to the roof space, allowing light, ventilation and access into non-habitable rooms.

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