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Permo® solar SK

Permo® solar SK installed Permo solar SK 3D uninstalled Permo solar SK Roll uninstalled
  • Reflects up to 83% of radiated heat
  • Improves the living comfort in the attic
  • Reduces the temperature at the ceiling level during hot summer periods
  • Energy saving potential in air-conditioned rooms
  • Electromagnetic waves, e.g. mobile phone devices are reduced
  • Removes moisture migrating through the construction

Vapour permeable reflective underlay

Permo® solar SK is a vapour permeable underlay that reflects infrared radiation that is especially in summer time heating up the roof construction. As it helps to reduce the energy entering in the living space and the temperature at the ceiling level during hot summer periods it lowers the costs of common air-conditioning. With the aluminised, even surface, Permo® solar SK reflects up to 83% of the heat radiation and achieves a high energy efficiency. It complies with UDB-A / USB-A of ZVDH guidelines in Germany and is CE-certified.

Высокодиффузионная светоотражающая гидроизоляционная пленка

Использование подкровельной паропроницаемой пленки Permo® solar SK, позволяет отражать инфракрасное излучение, предотвращать чрезмерный нагрев подкровельного пространства и минимизировать расходы, связанные с кондиционированием воздуха, особенно в летний период.

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