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Venduct® PV Cable Outlet Kit installed

PV / ST Outlets and Accessories

Venduct® Solar Outlets creates a watertight seal around cables and pipes which pass through the roof. Use in conjunction with its range of Sealing Collars to create an air- and windtight seal around the penetration.

Venduct® Solar Panel Support installed with panel

Solar Fixings and Accessories

Venduct® Solar Panel Support absorb high forces (such as the ones caused by heavy wind loads) without putting any strain on the roof tiles themselves. They also ensure that the roof covering remains watertight. When used under traditional metal hook supports, Easy-Form® Solar Sealing Collars help to reduce the risk of water ingress and expensive maintenance should a tile break.

Venduct® Universal Tile Vent installed underneath panel


The Venduct® Universal Tile Vent is a flexible Base Tile with cap to ventilate under solar energy or photovoltaic system panels whilst providing problem-free weatherproof installation to the roof covering and adhering to air tightness.

Easy-Form® Solar Panel Flashing Apron

Easy-Form® Apron

Easy-Form® Solar Panel Flashing Apron is a universal flashing apron for sealing photovoltaic and solar thermal systems to the roof covering.

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