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Venduct® flue gas adapter DN 100Venduct® flue gas adapter DN 100Venduct® flue gas adapter DN 100 installed

Venduct® flue gas adapter DN 100

Craftsmen-friendly solution for the easy-going flue gas pipe leadthrough

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Perfect match with over 400 Venduct® profiled base tiles
  • Independent from any boiler manufacturer‘s system
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Product information

The Venduct® flue gas adapter is designed to match perfectly with the pitch adjustable outlet of exhaust pipe systems (twin pipe systems) - to match with all Venduct® base tiles.

Technical data

Roof pitch (dia. 100)
Roof pitch (dia. 125)
Roof pitch (Prod. Code: KE 3...)
ca. 20°-50°
ca. 15°-45°
ca. 10°-40°
Inner diameterca. 114 mm (70/110 system)
ca. 126 mm (80/125 system)
ColoursAvailable in all standard and in a large variety of special colours
Material durabilityWeathering, aging, frost and deformation resistant
Fire resistance classB2
Resistance to temperature-20°C to +85°C, continuous exposure up to +60°C