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When installing solar thermal collectors or photovoltaic modules, selecting the right accessories is just as important as the installation itself. Roof-mounted as well as roof-integrated systems require secure fixing methods that resist even high wind loads. In addition, rainproof solutions are necessary for the connections of pipes and cables in roofmounted systems to ensure a rainproof roof.



Venduct® ventilation for Solar-Line

The Venduct® universal tile vent is a flexible base tile with cap to ventilate under solar energy or photovoltaic system panels whilst providing problem-free weatherproof installation to the roof covering and adhering to air tightness.

Venduct® universal tile vent

The ideal ventilation solution under a roof-mounted solar system

Other accessories for solar systems

Easy-Form® apron

Klöber offers additional accessories such as underlays and panel flashings especially for in-roof systems. E.g. Easy-Form® solar panel flashing apron, a universal flashing apron for sealing photovoltaic and solar thermal systems to the roof covering.

Permo® extreme WD

Vapour permeable, weldable underlay for a watertight subroof (UD do-s)

Permo® extreme RS SK²

Vapour permeable, bondable underlay for a rainproof subroof (UD do-k)

Easy-Form® solar panel flashing apron

The professional solution to seal photovoltaic and solar thermal systems to the roof covering