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Universal roof ducts

Universal roof ducts

Klöber’s universal ventilation and ducting solutions can be used with various metal roof profiles. Alongside ventilation hoods, the product range includes various ducts for flue and ventilation systems as well as for solar pipes. With the self-adhesive collar, products can be quickly attached to metal surfaces without special tools – no addit-ional mechanical fixing is required. If the collar is applied correctly, the bond on the metal surface, especially near the joint running in the opposite direction to the flow of water, remains watertight long-term.Furthermore, the bond makes it possible to position ducts anywhere on the roof surface, meaning that there is no need for expensive outlay on additional roofing sheets to reach the ridge.

Universal Ventilation Pipe

Particularly suitable for line ventilation or room ventilation

Universal Gas Flue Outlet

Suitable for exhaust systems up to 120°C or ventilation ducts

Universal Pipe Sealing Outlet

Suitable for exhaust gas ducts up to 120°C flue gas temperature and ventilation ducts

Universal Solar Outlets

For the rain-safe pass-through of cables with a maximum diameter of 31 or 45 mm

High-performance ventilation solutions

High-performance ventilation solutions

Klöber has a range of specialist products with excellent ventilating properties particularly for applications which demand high air extraction performance, (e.g. kitchen extractor hoods, controlled ventilation). The range includes, for a start, roof duct sets for varous roof materials as well as various ventilation pipes and roof vents. Alongside the basic ventilation range, other pipe and solar pipe duct solutions are available.

Venduct® product system snug-fitting and functional

Venduct® productsystem snug-fitting and functional

As standard, all Venduct® bases are provided with a factory-fitted butyl seal on the underside. The seal is protected by foil, so that bonding only takes place at installation. The bases also have 6 fixing points on the flange. Fixing is achieved by means of the special screw/washer combinations provided, meaning all the components for a quick, permanent and rainproof installation are included in the box. The snug-fitting Venduct® system is suitable for fitting on flat and profiled metal roofs. The product system has proved itself over many years in the pitched roof sector and includes ventilation solutions for line breathers and room ventilation as well as for rainproof ducting of antenna poles, solar and waste gas pipes.

Pipe collars

Pipe collars for metal roofs

Pipe collars guarantee watertight ducting of pipes, line breathers, masts and electric cables. The flexible EPDM seal gives the pipe the necessary freedom of movement for temperature-related changes inlength, while at the same time guaranteeing a watertight seal around the duct. The collars are made from high-quality EPDM rubber with a flexible aluminium flange, which distinguishes itself by its high resistance to weathering, ozone and temperature changes. In addition, the EPDM rubber usedis acid- and alkali-resistant, meaning these products can also be used in industrial areas. Collars are available in seven different sizes with a diameter of 12 to 660mm, the Retrofit collars (for existing pipes) in two sizes with a diameter of 10-100 and 100-230mm. All pipe collars are available as a complete assembly.

Easy-Form® flexible, rainproof flashing solution

Easy-Form® metal roof flashing solutions

Easy-Form® and Easy-Form® plus are the universal solutions for attaching roofing materials to protruding or penetrating components (e.g. interfaces with walls, dormer windows or chimneys). In addition, the material is ideal for use with skylights and can, due to its highly-flexible nature, also be used to make a seal around smaller penetrating components, such as steel poles. It an slso be used to repair roof materials.

Componets for ridge, hip and eaves for profiled metal roofs

Ridge rolls for optimal air circulation and rainproofing

Product solutions for eaves ensure the necessary ventilation of back-ventilated metal roof constructions. Combining them with ventilating ridge rolls, results in optimal air circulation, ensuring a reliable escape route to the outside for moisture and condensation. In addition, these products offer secure protection from bird entry and insects.