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Ridge Hip Valley and Eaves

Ridge, hip, valley & eaves products

The comprehensive Klöber product portfolio provides an ideal roof ventilation and protects against heavy rain and drift snow. Our high-quality products have been tried and tested in the wind tunnel and provide safe and user-friendly roof solutions.


Ridge and hip ventilation

Klöber ridge and hip ventilation

The comprehensive product portfolio of Klöber ensures optimum roof ventilation and rainwater proofing. High-quality products tested in a wind tunnel provide safe and reliable solutions for the roof: precision-fit, colour-fast and simple to erect.


The high-quality allround solution for ridge and hip ventilation


High ventilation ridge and hip roll


Ridge-/hip ventilation

Universal Ridge & Hip Roll

Ridge-/hip ventilation


Metal ridge-/hip ventilation

Universal ventilation ridge comb

Providing high-level ventilation

Fixing solutions for ridge and hip

Solutions for ridge and hip accessories

Besides ridge end caps made from aluminum or PVC and reliable aluminum ridge clips the Klöber portfolio includes reliable ridge batten holder and nails.

Universal ridge tree batten holder

Universally applicable

Ridge clips

Reliable solutions for the fixing of ridge and hip tiles

Ridge end caps

Protection and air-ventilation

Solutions for eaves ventilation and valley accessories

Solutions for eaves valleys and facades

Klöber offers multitalents for eaves and valleys. Within the system they offer protection against birds and optimal ventilation performance at the same time.The particularly simple installation is just as decisive as the lasting and reliable Klöber quality.

Eaves elements

Increase the ventilating cross-section and protect the roof construction

Eaves filler combs

Simple and effective way to protect the roof construction

Eaves closer roll

Prevents the entry of birds and vermin into the counter batten cavity

Vent profiles

For all back-ventilated facades and roofs

Hip-/valley clips

For fixing cut tiles