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Underlays and vapour barriers

Underlays, vapour barriers/vcls & wall membranes

The Klöber adhesives, sealants and sealing collars which have been approved for the Klöber underlays and vapour barriers provide you with the full reliability of a single system. The adhesive and sealant products adhere perfectly to the Klöber membranes thanks to the coordination of the surface materials. In addition, regular internal and external inspections are conducted to check and ensure the product quality and suitability of the products for certain applications.


Permo® / Ecovent® vapour permeable underlays

Permo® vapour permeable underlays

Klöber's Permo® / Ecovent® roofing underlays are strong and flexible with a range that fits perfect for all pitched roofs. Being weatherproof, UV-stable, tear-resistant and anti-slip, even when wet, they guard against wind-driven rain and snow during and after roof construction, protecting the building structure from the moment it is installed.

Permo® forte / Permo® forte SK²

The robust underlay with reinforcement grid

Permo® strong / Permo® strong SK²

The universal underlay for maximum reliability

Permo® light / Permo® light SK²

The entrance to class A – even underneath natural slates

Permo® easy / Permo® easy SK²

The lightweight underlay for boarded roofs

Permo® extreme SK

Robust vapour permeable underlay for demanding applications

Permo® solar SK

The reflective, highly vapour permeable underlay

Ecovent® 140

Vapour permeable underlay

Ecovent® 110

Vapour permeable underlay

Permo® extreme underlays for low pitched roofs

Permo® extreme for low pitched roofs

Klöber offers two easy to install systems for waterproof and rainproof designs which are to be installed pursuant to German ZVDH specifications. Compared to traditional alternatives comprising of non vapour permeable membranes for preparatory roofs, these systems offer superb vapour permeability preventing harmful condensate accumulation in the roof construction. Klöber offers two premium membranes which can meet the highest demands when paired with the corresponding system accessories.

Permo® extreme WD

Vapour permeable, weldable underlay for a watertight subroof (UD do-s)

Permo® extreme RS SK²

Vapour permeable, bondable underlay for a rainproof subroof (UD do-k)

TPU pipe sealing collar

Weldable, reliable sealing of pipe leadthrough

Permo® extreme sealing kits

For chimneys and windows

Permo® extreme adhesive paste

For sealing laps and for connections of rising building parts

Sepa® non vapour-permeable underlays

Sepa® non vapour-permeable underlays

Sepa® non-breathable roofing underlays for use on ventilated pitched roofs.

Sepa® easy

Non-breathable underlay

Sepa® basic edition

Non-breathable underlay

Permo® wall and façade membranes

Permo® membranes for facades

Permo® façade membranes are easy to install thanks to large widths and are particularly suitable for industrial prefabricated construction.

Permo® vert UV

The wall membrane for wall coverings with open joints

Permo® vert 115

The underlay, wall membrane also in special widths

Permo® frame

The wall membrane in special widths

Wallint® air barriers and vapour control layers

Wallint® vapour barriers

As even thicker layers of insulation are installed to comply with more demanding Building Regulations, so it becomes increasingly important to provide an air barrier and vapour control layer on the warm side of the insulation. Wallint® membranes have been especially developed for this purpose.

Wallint® 2 eco

The vapour permeable vapour barrier with sd-value 2m

Wallint® 10 eco

The vapour permeable vapour barrier with sd-value 10m

Wallint® T3 plus / Wallint® T3 SK² plus

The vapour permeable air barrier for refurbishments with sd-value 3m use as temporary roofing

Wallint® T100 SK²

The vapour permeable air barrier for refurbishments with sd-value ≥ 100m use as temporary roofing

Permo® metal roof underlays

Metal roof solutions

Permo® sec and Permo® sec metal are a vapour permeable waterproofing barriers to be installed as a separating layer between copper, zinc, aluminium and stainless steel standing seam roof finishes and the supporting deck.

Permo® sec SK

Very strong separating layer with highly vapour permeable underlay

Permo® sec metal / Permo® sec metal SK

Separating layer with vapour permeable underlay

Grid sec

Separating layer with mesh