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Wall- and chimney flashing

Wall and chimney flashing

Easy-Form® is a lead-free, universal flashing for connections of the roof covering to rising or penetrating components in pitched roofs as well as photovoltaics and solar systems. Easy-Form® can also be used to repair roofing materials.


Wall and chimney abutments

Easy-Form® wall and chimney flashing abutment

As an alternative to lead, Klöber universal flashing products can be used for connections on pitched roof – either for penetrations through the roof or other areas, such as for example intersections with walls or chimneys. They provide weatherproof connections also installed as aprons for skylights and solar panels.

Easy-Form® plus with reinforcement grid

Strong and robust universal flashing

Easy-Form® universal flashing

For the sealing of abutments between walls and roof tiles

TOP-FLEX® pro flashing

Universal flashing for connections on pitched roofs