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Roof safety and fastening

Roof safety

Universal systems for safe roof access are made of standardised and inspected components, such as the Trapac® programme of safety roof hooks, single steps, climbing and walkways. The safety programme is completed by snow guards and the compatible safety hooks - the universal solution to protect you from slipping snow.


Trapac® snowguard system

Trapac® snowguard system for roof safety

With Trapac® tile and snow guards one can handle heavy snow loads in safety. As elements of the matching Trapac® system they are suitable for different roof coverings.

Trapac® snow guard systems

For clay and concrete interlocking tiles

Trapac® products for roof inspection

Trapac® products for roof inspection

Trapac® walkway kits are a complete system solution representing an optimum alternative to single ordering. The easy to install system is supplied as a unit consisting of two walkway brackets, a walkway platform and four fixing bolts. Safety-tested for working access, and as a complete solution simple to assemble.

Trapac® universal single safety step

Adjustable galvanised metal step that provides access on pitched roofs

Trapac® universal walkway kits

Allows work to be carried out more safely on the pitched roof

Trapac® universal walkway grids and brackets

The safe way on all roofs

Trapac® products for roof safety

Trapac®products for roof safety

Trapac® safety hooks are used to fasten loads such as roofers' ladders when working on the roof and are used for roof tiles, concrete roof tiles, shingle or slate coverings.

Trapac® safety hook type A

for clay and concrete roof tiles

Snowstop hooks

Ideal solution against roof avalanche