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Flat roof

Flat roof

Flat roofs have to be ventilated according to their structure, water has to be drained and necessary penetrations through the functional layers, such as for antenna, photovoltaic or solar thermal energy pipes have to be installed watertight. As one of the leading specialists for roof and wall components, Klöber has expanded its expertise and range of products to meet the requirements of flat roofs.



Flavent® drainage products

Optimum drainage of flat roofs is the alpha and omega for their performance and long life. Basically flat roofs must be drained at their lowest points, since standing water can cause considerable damage. Should the water not be able to run off because of defective drainage, there is a threat of soiling with algae and cracking in the roof waterproofing, rain leaks or static loads as a result of the amount of water standing on the roof. We have further expanded our product range for roof drainage and now offer, in addition to the classic rainwater outlets, rainwater outlets for flat roofs with parapet drainage or balconies - in accordance with German ZVDH technical rules for waterproofing.

Flavent® pro rainwater outlets and accessories

Top performance for flat roofs

Flavent® pro rainwater outlets angled and accossories

Top performance also with angled rainwater outlets

Flavent® rainwater outlets and accessories

Proven products for optimum drainage of flat roofs

Flavent® parapet and balcony rainwater outlets and accessories

Proven products for optimum drainage of attic and balcony

Flavent® emergency overflows

Protects the flat roof from heavy rain and flooding

Breather vents

Flavent® breather vents attic ventilation

In every used building humidity occurs which can also penetrate into the roof space after construction of the vapour barrier. For this reason so-called cold roofs must be ventilated in order to avoid damage to the building. Moisture which penetrates into the roof construction with a defective waterproofing can also almost no longer escape. This results with wood structures in mould formation. With unventilated flat roofs, socalled warm roofs, it can result with bituminous waterproofing in the formation of bubbles on the roof surface, which then results in further consequential damage.

Flavent® pro breather vents for roof space supply and accessories

Top performance for flat roofs

Flavent® breather and extraction vents

For roof space supply and exhaust ventilation

Flavent® breather and soil vents

For the renovation of old or damaged roof vents

Flavent® roof drying vent

For drying dampened thermal insulation

Room and soil ventilation

Flavent® room and soil vents ventilation of living spaces

The tried and tested Flavent® living space breather vents are technical air flow optimised solutions for motorised and static supply and exhaust ventilation of flat roofs. They convey unpleasant stuffy air and moisture, e.g. from bathroom and kitchen, to the exterior and thus provide a pleasant room climate. For controlled living space ventilation Klöber vent pipes are also excellent.

Flavent® pro breather and soil vents and accessories

Top performance for flat roofs

Flavent® breather and soil vents

Our tried and tested products for optimum living space supply and exhaust ventilation

Roof outlet kit for power cables

Flavent® roof outlet kit for power cables

Besides the classic roof penetrations on flat roofs such as breather pipes, vents or rainwater outlets, there are also many applications which have to be installed through the roof or on the roof. These include power cables, such as e.g. antenna cables, connectors for photovoltaics, solar thermal and air conditioning systems. The Flavent® “Swan’s neck“ is Klöber’s new roof outlet kit. The set can be combined perfectly with all other Flavent® flat roof system components, such as e.g. with upper pipe extensions for roofs with loading or with insulation package extensions with unusually high insulation layers.

Flavent® roof outlet kit

For optimum roof penetration of power cables with flat roofs

Premium modular system

Flavent® pro modular system

As a modular system, Flavent® pro meets the requirements of warehousing and wholesale trade: wide product range, low stock requirement. By combining different components, end products can be put together for every requirement; regardless of manufacturer. For example, always with matching connector sleeve matching the flat roofing membranes of the leading manufacturers.

Flavent® pro modular system

Only storing 105 product parts, but offering about 900 product variations

Additional accessories

Flavent® spare parts replacement accessories

Klöber offers additional accessories and spare parts for the professional application of its flat roof products.

Flavent® universal PVC connection sleeves

To securely seal flat roof penetrations

Additional accessories

All from one hand

Solutions for green roofs

Flavent® solutions for green roofs

Increasingly, flat roofs are being designed as green roofs, and regardless of whether the planting is extensive or intensive, a flat roof covered in greenery considerably increases the value of the building. Klöber‘s Flavent® inspection chamber keeps the roof outlets free of gravel and substrate whilst ensuring adequate drainage. Furthermore they enable easy access for the inspection and cleaning of roof outlets.

Flavent® inspection chamber

Drainage of all vegetation layers on green roofs

Special solutions for pitched roofs

Special solutions for pitched roofs

Venduct® vent pipes, roof antenna penetrations or exhaust gas adaptor with flat base tile are outstandingly suitable for pitched sealed roofs. The super-flat styled Venduct® vent hood with high ventilation cross-section of 150cm² for vented, sealed pitched roof structures (standard practice for slate roof covering).

Venduct® vent hood

Ventilation of roof structures for different roofing products

Venduct® base tile

To be combined with a variety of system accessories